There is no sole source for the development of alcohol addiction, it develops from genetic, psychological, environmental and social factors.

These factors are referred to as risk factors and they determine the prospects of being addicted. When these risk factors are obvious, there is a possibility that the individual involved would be addicted.

In addition, the person will find it herculean to handle these factors.

One of the factors that causes alcohol addiction is stress. Some people do not know how to deal with stress and this is why some of them get addicted. For people who run stressful careers and jobs there is a big chance that they would be addicted to alcohol. Moreso, they will have colleagues who indulge in the act, so they will simply follow suit.

So, these jobs create a stressful environment where the individuals deal with stress by indulging in alcohol abuse which results in alcohol addiction.

Furthermore, alcohol addiction is also caused by drinking from an early age. Based on health research, people who take alcohol at any early age would most likely develop an addiction.

This is why parents are often advised to keep an eye on their children to watch out for any sign of abuse. It is easier to stop an addiction when it is at the primary stage, than when it is fully blown.

Also, mental health problems have been proved to cause alcohol addiction. Some people who do not know how to handle depression, anxiety and the likes would tend towards abusing alcohol or drugs, and this causes an addiction in the long-term.

When mental health problems are evident, it becomes very easy for the individual to switch to alcohol addiction.

Some people also make the mistake of taking alcohol with drugs without realizing that it is a dangerous act. In the process, they get addicted to alcohol and they cannot do without it.

Alcohol addiction often kicks off as an innocent act but with time, it develops into a distasteful and hazardous act.